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Geographic Information Systems Conference and Exhibition "GIS ODYSSEY" - Conference proceedings

GIS Odyssey 2018 - Poster

Indexing - conference proceedings 2016 and 2017 are indexed in Web of Science

ISSN 2623-5714 (Online)
ISSN 2459-7619 (Print)
ISSN 2459-7627 (CD-ROM)

Publishing time: every year from 1994
Publisher: GIS Forum, Ilica 191b, 10 000 Zagreb,Croatia
Responsible person: Davorin Kereković, GIS Forum Secretary
Reviewers board: Prof. Jarosław Bydłosz, PhD; Prof. Agnieszka Zwirowicz-Rutkowska, PhD; Małgorzata Gajos-Gržetić, PhD

Geographic Information Systems Conference and Exhibition "GIS ODYSSEY" - Conference proceedings presents publications, which are the result of International Geographic Information Systems (GIS) conferences have been organized since 1994. All GIS conferences are the result of cooperation of the European experts and institutions. The cooperation is based on events such as conferences, exhibitions, workshops,seminars, lectures,  projects and publishing activities.The conference bibliography consists of papers, which cover the following fields of geographic information science: Cartography, Geoinformatics Systems – Information Technology, Geoinformation and Law, Cultural and Natural Heritage Management, Globalization and Social-Economic Problems, The State and Local Level Administration & Management (Municipal Projects), Ecology, Sea and Water Management, Environmental and Earth Resources Management, Spatial Information Systems in Practice, The New GIS Solutions, Agriculture and Forestry, The Integrated Europe and World – Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe – International Cooperation, Emergency Management – Post-War and Post-Disaster Reconstruction Projects.


XXIV GIS 2017 Gajos-Grzetic

Editors: Małgorzata Gajos-Gržetić, Sebastian Stach

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