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GIS in humanities (such as archaeology, history, culture and religion studies, arts studies, etc.)
GIS in engineering and technology (such as architecture and urban planning, spatial planning, Smart City, information and communication technology, civil engineering and transport, geodesy and cartography, photogrammetry and remote-sensing, UAV Systems, cadastre, real estate management, water management, sustainable development, environmental engineering, mining and energy, geology, etc.)
GIS in agricultural sciences (such as forestry, agriculture and horticulture, fisheries, etc.)
GIS in social sciences (such as economics and business, social and economic geography and spatial management, political science and public administration, law, etc.)
GIS in natural sciences (such as earth and related environmental sciences, biological sciences, etc.)
GIS for security purposes (such as shaping safe space, modelling extreme phenomena and disasters, threat maps, crime mapping, GEOINT, actions of rescue services, etc.)
During the application for indexing in the Web of Science, for multi-chapter conference monographs from 2021, will be assigned categories and research areas to Web of Science. In particular, these categories will correspond to the topics of the conference, e.g. Computer Science, Phisical Geography, Remote Sensing, Business & Economics, Government & Law. The categories and areas finally submitted to Web of Science will result from the thematic scope of individual monographs.

Editors: Małgorzata Gajos-Gržetić, Sebastian Stach

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