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Ethical principles:
  1. The authors declare if there are any contribution of other persons or institutions to the preparation of their publication.
  2. The „ghostwriting" and „guest authorship" are indication of scientific dishonesty and all cases will be exposed.
  3. During the publishing process Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) standards are applied:
  4. Guidelines for authors:
Ethical standars:
In the process of publishing, all parties involved, including publisher, authors, editors and peer-reviewers, should apply the COPE standards of expected ethical behavior, see:

Authors Responbilities:

  • confirm that all the work in the submitted manuscript is original
  • acknowledge and cite content reproduced from other sources
  • obtain permission to reproduce any content from other sources
  • declare any potential conflict of interest.

Reviewers Responsibilities:

  • be objective and constructive in their reviews and provide feedback that will help the authors to improve their manuscript
  • keep all manuscript and review details confidential
  • to alert the editor to any published or submitted content that is substantially similar to that under review

Editors Responsibilities:

  • ensure that material to be published is accurate and valid
  • serve the author by selecting unbiased reviewers and by providing the assurance that material will be selected for publication based solely on the scientific quality of the material

Editors: Małgorzata Gajos-Gržetić, Sebastian Stach

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