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International scientific conference and exhibition: GIS in Cultural and Environmental Heritage Management. Great Britain: York, 5-7 May 1999
GIS in Cultural and Environmental Heritage Management. An International Workshop and Exhibition. Proceedings. York: The University of York, 1999

Będzińska 60, , , 41-205

From the geographical point of view, the map is the synthesis of phenomena which take place in space and lead to the transformation of natural environment. It is the best way of presenting all phenomena on the surface of the Earth, which allows to prese ...

AuthorDamian Absalon et al.
AffiliationFaculty of Earth Sciences, University of Silesia

38 Mappin Street, , , , YO10 5DD

For some people, perhaps for a large number of people, the concept of GIS is inextricably linked with mapping. If one were to ask people who use GIS, or many who do not but who are aware of the technology, to explain what GIS is about they will most likel ...

AuthorPeter J Halls
AffiliationDepartment of Politics, University of York

Prisavlje 12, , , 10 000

Subsequent to the WWII, more than 300 wars and armed conflicts of larger, regional scope happened on the Earth. One of them unfortunately pertains to the Republic of Croatia that could not get rid of the unwanted partners in the state construction called ...

AuthorDavorin Kereković
AffiliationCroatian Information Technology Society

Matice hrvatske 15, , , 21000

Coastal sea quality management, especially pollution control and sewerage system management, is very complex problem. Application of information technology as well as operational research and decision support methodologies play a crucial role in managing ...

AuthorSnjezana Knezic et al.
AffiliationFaculty of Civil Engineering, University of Split

70 Cowcross Street, , , EC1M 6EJ

In human terms one of the most remarkable things about this last generation is the sequence of international events overarching national boundaries. The world is flill of concepts and concerns which pay little heed to frontiers and succeed only because th ...

AuthorJohn Warren
AffiliationInternational Council on Monuments and Sites

Zygmunta Modzelewskiego 27, , , 02-679

AuthorElżbieta Bielecka et al.
AffiliationThe Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Warsaw, Polan...

Heslington, York, , , YO10 5DD

AuthorDavid Claydon
AffiliationThe University of York

King's Manor, York, , , , YO1 7EP

AuthorJane Grenville
AffiliationDepartment of Archaeology, University of York

290 Wentworth Way, , , YO10 5NG

AuthorColin McClean
AffiliationEnvironment and Geography, University of York

Unska ul. 3, , , 10000

AuthorMilan Milunovic
AffiliationFaculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Univer...

Editors: Małgorzata Gajos-Gržetić, Sebastian Stach

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