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International Geographic Information Systems Conference and Exhibition „GIS Polonia 2008". Poland: Zakopane & Kraków, 8-12 September 2008
Geoinformation Challenges. Eds. M. Gajos, M. Styblińska. Sosnowiec: University of Silesia, Croatian Information Technology Association – GIS Forum, SILGIS Association, 2008

ul. Mickiewicza 29, , , 40-085

The article shows the proposal to apply artificial immunology and neural networks in decision-making systems of crisis managing. In spite of all sorts representatives of the knowledge both neural networks and artificial immunology can in the similar way r ...

AuthorDariusz Badura
AffiliationKatowice Institute of Information Technologies
Telephone+48 32 207 30 70

ul. Modzelewskiego 27, , , 02-679

Charakterystyka wyzwań jest poprzedzona syntetycznym przedstawieniem rozwoju GIS. Wyzwania o charakterze naukowym (badawczym) obejmują następujące problemy: modelowanie danych przestrzennych, geowizualizację, analizy przestrzenne, teorię jakości geoinform ...

AuthorBogdan Ney
AffiliationInstytut Geodezji i Kartografii

Pusta 5a, , , 52210

3D visualization is the most complex and demanding project in urban planning and architectural design. It’s the crown in the realization of a project. Modern computer technologies enable almost endless possibilities of realistic representation of some spa ...

AuthorSlobodan Bajagić
AffiliationAbaka Firm
Telephone00385 52 842 142
Fax00385 52 842 143

Plac Gwarków 1, , , 40-166

The Laboratory of Solid Wastes Analyses has collected research data specifying mercury content in products for two years. These products are the result of various industrial activities. Determination of mercury content is a vital component of physical and ...

AuthorAnna Michalska
AffiliationCentral Mining Institute, Department of Environment Eng...

Meiring Naude Road, , , 0184

Despite advances with earth observation and geospatial analysis technologies, there is often still a lack of nationally comprehensive and comparable territorial indicators. In countries such as South Africa it is difficult to establish the extent of the s ...

AuthorJohan Maritz
AffiliationCouncil for Scientific and Industrial Research


This paper deals with some aspects of natural resources management in Poland, including protected areas as well as formally unprotected ones. Various GIS databases of ecological information are discussed in the paper, especially the European Ecological Ne ...

AuthorGrzegorz Michalski

Trg Ljudevita Gaja 7, , , 31000

One of the most complicated problems in creating conditions for the integration of the Republic of Croatia into the European Union is the issue of regional development and the corresponding harmonization with The European practice. Numerous reasons for th ...

AuthorStipan Penavin
AffiliationFaculty of Economics, University in Osijek
Telephone+385 91 2244027

Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r. nr 3, , , 02-362

The State Forests National Forest Holding is unique enterprise, which manages State Treasury forest assets. Geographic Information System in State Forest National Forest Holding has been created and developed for above 10 years. The important breakthrough ...

AuthorJolanta Starzycka
AffiliationGeneral Directorate of State Forests
Telephone+48 22 825 85 63

Wóycickiego 1/3, , , 01-938

In accordance with art. 26 of u.k.w.h, the basis for identification of a real estate in the real estate and mortgage register is the data from the lands and buildings register, and art. 21 of p.g.i k. states that the data included in the lands and buildin ...

AuthorAgnieszka Gryszczyńska
AffiliationFaculty of Law and Administration, Cardinal Stefan Wysz...

tř. Svobody 26, , , 77146

Nowadays cartography and geoinformation technologies (GIT) live in close symbiosis. Cartography completes most of its products from digital data captured, managed and analysed by geoinformation technologies and on other side GIT uses cartography as the mo ...

AuthorVít Voženílek
AffiliationDepartment of Geoinformatics, Palacky University Olomou...

Bankowa 8, , 40-007

The article presents the application of geographic information system (GIS) in cities. The main goal of this paper is presentation a new usage of GI systems in range of management, organization and communication about traffic problems in cities.

AuthorIzabela Horzela
AffiliationSchool of Labour Safety Management
Telephone+48 502 166 077

Kneza Viseslava 1, , , 11000

Forest condition monitoring in the Republic of Serbia performing on Level I plots – ICP Forests (International Cooperative Programme on forest condition monitoring in Europe). Starting from 2002, during the past year s of forest condition monitoring, 130 ...

AuthorRadovan Nevenić
AffiliationInstitute of Forestry

Zrinsko-Frankopanska 161, , , 21000

Maritime safety is a crucial issue on the international level and has a huge impact on the world economy and our everyday lives. The vast majority of world cargo is carried by sea, and due to increasing traffic possible disasters would have unpredictable ...

AuthorZvonko Gržetić
AffiliationHydrographic Institute of Republic of Croatia
Fax+385 21 347242

tř. Svobody 26, , , 77146

This article describes author's experiences with comparing of cartographic functionality ArcGIS 9 and AutoCAD Map software. The conception of creating thematic maps differs in these two software products. 16 tests of thematic maps were evaluated for te ...

AuthorZdena Dobešová, Ph. D.
AffiliationDepartment of Geoinformatics, University Olomouc

Będzińska 39, , , 41-200

The effective management of information and enabling technologies are increasingly recognized as critical to organizational success. This paper discusses the role of information audit in helping to achieve the goals of effective IM. Information managemen ...

AuthorKatarzyna Trynda
AffiliationFaculty of Computer Science and Materials Science, Inst...
Telephone+48 32 3689 759

Vukelićeva 4, , , 10000

To provide a safe, fluent and efficient flow of goods on the Trans-European network (TEN) the intermodal terminals in Croatia have been ranked and defined. Within the research, the terminals have been divided into three groups based on their common charac ...

AuthorIvana Ćavar, B.Eng
AffiliationFaculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University o...
Telephone+385 1 2380350
Fax+385 1 2314415

Będzińska 39, , , 41-200

In the paper the analyses of some Internet sources about geomatics issue have been done. Within the range of hereby research numerous web sites devoted to geomatics, geoinformation and its systems have been found. Comparisons of occurrence of web sites co ...

AuthorIwona Długajczyk
AffiliationFaculty of Computer Science and Material Science, Unive...

Paljetkova 18, , , 10000

The paper deals with the idea (a concept only) that standard Internet routers can be used to instruct vehicle drivers to choose optimal routes to reach their destination. There are already many similar services, e.g. ESRI with ArcGIS (ESRI 2002.) The aim ...

AuthorValerija Škorić

Wybickiego 7, , , 31-261

Prezentacja wiedzy za pomocą GIS w dobranym kontekście może pomóc w poprawianiu ładu społecznego i przyrodniczego. Widzenie, ale nie dostrzeganie jest typowe w naszym stosunku do otaczającej nas przestrzeni życiowej. Ludzie są znacznie bardziej uczuleni n ...

AuthorStanisław Ostaficzuk
AffiliationMinerals and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish ...

Oczapowskiego 4, , , 10- 719

One of the most crucial conditions of European integration is a free flow of persons, introduced as a part of the Unified European Act. The possibility of free movement and getting a job in a new place became a stimulus encouraging people to change their ...

AuthorAnna Organiściak-Krzykowska
AffiliationDepartment of Economic Sciences, The University of Warm...
Telephone+48 89 523-43-48

Editors: Małgorzata Gajos-Gržetić, Sebastian Stach

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