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25th Anniversary Conference
Geographic Information Systems Conference and Exhibition 
ISSN 2623-5714 (Online) 
ISSN 2459-7619 (Print)
ISSN 2459-7627 (CD-ROM)
Conference proceedings
10th to 14th of September 2018, Perugia, Italy


The present research was aimed at defining a GIS-based multi-criteria model working as a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) for the sustainable planning of grazing resources in the Aspromonte National Park (Calabria, Italy). The method of evaluation a ...

AuthorProf. Giuseppe Modica, Ph.D.
AffiliationUniversity of Reggio Calabria
FileModica_Di Fazio.pdf (16 views)


Construction of road infrastructures usually produce very relevant landscape changes generating complex environmental, ecological, social, and economic issues. The optimal location of these infrastructures during the planning and design stages becomes a p ...

AuthorMarco Vizzari, Ph.D.
AffiliationUniversity of Perugia
FileVizzari_et al.pdf (16 views)


The ways of determining the course of the coastline of natural watercourses are regulated by the Water Law Act. Pursuant to the Act, lands covered with inland waters flowing within the coastline are owned by the State Treasury. The coastline of natural wa ...

AuthorAneta Mączyńska, M.Sc.
AffiliationAGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow


For the countries that started to undergo political transformation in the 1990’s, the project of joining the European Union was a social, economic and political priority. After initial changes, some countries of Central-Eastern Europe initiated the access ...

AuthorProf. Andrzej Rączaszek, Ph.D.
AffiliationUniversity of Economics in Katowice
FileRączaszek.pdf (9 views)


Perpetual usufruct is a right in rem between ownership right and limited property right. It was introduced into the Polish law by the Act of July 14, 1961 on land management in cities and residential areas. This right was established in the period when th ...

AuthorTeresa Front-Dąbrowska, M.Sc.
AffiliationKielce University of Technology


The subject of cadastral tax is undoubtedly an important issue for Poland. For nearly 30 years, the need to change the system of property taxation has been pointed out. The proposed change is to transit the currently binding method of calculating the tax ...

AuthorJoanna Reczyńska, M.Sc.
AffiliationAGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow
FileReczyńska_Parzych.pdf (13 views)


In the study, an attempt was made to verify the hypothesis regarding the negative influence of road traffic noise on the prices of residential premises located in an area of noise impact - in Poland at the Bartodzieje Housing Estate of the City of Bydgosz ...

AuthorKinga Szopińska, Ph.D.
AffiliationUTP University of Science and Technology, Bydgoszcz
FileSzopińska_et al.pdf (26 views)


The role of Geographic Information System (GIS) consists primarily in the use of information obtained on the location of certain objects in space construed not only as fixed structures but also as economic and social phenomena. Their functionality is cons ...

AuthorKatarzyna Roszewska, Ph.D.
AffiliationCardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw
FileRoszewska.pdf (21 views)


Aero photogrammetric images acquired with the unmanned aerial system senseFly eBee were used for point cloud creation of the inhabited part of the Silba Island. The automatic point cloud classification that relies on machine learning was processed in the ...

AuthorFilip Kovačić, M.Sc.
AffiliationGEO OMEGA d.o.o.
FileKovačić_et al.pdf (22 views)


The article presents a new look on the use of existing data sources in combination with modern methods applied for the purpose of data processing. Modern ICT technologies allow efficient operations run against large amounts of data. Creation of dedicated ...

AuthorMaciej Kiedrowicz, Ph.D.
AffiliationMilitary University of Technology, Warsaw
FileKiedrowicz.pdf (13 views)


The paper include the main problems concerning implementation of innovations in the real estate market and the risk involved. A short overview of the types of innovations, their forms in real estate market and also the risk involved was presented. The aim ...

AuthorMarcin Sitek, Ph.D.
AffiliationUniversity of Technology, Częstochowa
FileSitek.pdf (14 views)


The article outlines a method of assessment of the usefulness of the security configuration1 (SC) from a set of available security configurations, after occurrence of an emergency situation. It is believed that the best security configuration is the one t ...

AuthorMaciej Kiedrowicz, Ph.D.
AffiliationMilitary University of Technology Warsaw
FileKiedrowicz_Stanik.pdf (11 views)


Standardized values of boundary points’ attributes add up to useful element in the scope of land properties features description. Assumedly, these attributes should, inter alia, make an accuracy assessment of parcel’s surface area analytical determination ...

AuthorPiotr Benduch, M.Sc.
AffiliationAGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow
FileBenduch_Pęska-Siwik.pdf (13 views)


The paper presents verified and validated ideas on how to utilize augmented reality technology in order to develop and render operational information for individual soldier and low level commanders. Since the 90s military have been trying to develop techn ...

AuthorMariusz Chmielewski, Ph.D.
AffiliationMilitary University of Technology Warsaw


The Land Administration Domain Model (LADM), enforced with the ISO 19152 standard, is a conceptual model written in the Unified Modeling Language (UML). LADM defines a reference real estate administration model and allows the creation of national profiles ...

AuthorAgnieszka Pęska-Siwik, Ph.D.
AffiliationAGH University of Science and Technology
FilePęska-Siwik_Benduch.pdf (13 views)


Information about type of a facade, sidepieces of buildings and constructions, about their height and spatial structure (niches, bows, balconies, etc.) is very useful for numerous practical applications of geoinformatics. Particularly, the information abo ...

AuthorProf. Oleksandr Dorozhynskyy
AffiliationUniversity of Life Sciences in Lublin
FileDorozhynskyy_Kolb.pdf (20 views)


In order to effectively manage the database on the real estate market, advanced IT technologies are necessary to provide mechanisms for entering, collecting, analysing and storing cadastral data. Solutions for the real estate market modelling should be tr ...

AuthorProf. Janusz Kwiecień, Ph.D.
AffiliationUTP University of Science and Technology
FileKwiecień_et al.pdf (12 views)


This work presents, a tool and a method dedicated for financial fraud recognition and evaluation based on stream of transactional data from financial institutions. Presented novel approach aims at context-aware data processing coming from ontology applica ...

AuthorMariusz Chmielewski, Ph.D.
AffiliationMilitary University of Technology Warsaw
FileChmielewski_et al.pdf (23 views)


The marked value of spatial identified with the market value of real estate, in addition to many other factors, is also determined by the safety status of the spatial (place), and the safety of place is determined by the state of its features. The analysi ...

AuthorProf. Tomasz Bajerowski
AffiliationUniversity of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
FileBajerowski.pdf (8 views)


Privacy and its protection is the subject of numerous studies. This concept does not have one definition. Privacy is determined before indicating the areas that it covers. Historical, cultural, social and civilizational changes influenced the way of under ...

AuthorProf. Marek Michalski
AffiliationUniversity Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw
FileMichalski_Syryt.pdf (31 views)

Editors: Małgorzata Gajos-Gržetić, Sebastian Stach

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